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    I am a digital media specialist with a rock solid, decade-long background in post production.

    I’ve done everything from videography work at Paris Fashion Week to creating fun, challenging motion graphics for government agencies, multinationals and non profits.

    I’m a digital native and have a love of language and way with words. I thrive on stringing a few good sentences together to send a strong, compelling message.

    When I’m not at my desk I can be found outdoors looking skyward. As a drone fanatic, I’ve bought, built, crashed, and rebuilt all kinds of drones and am passionate about soaring and sharing the experience. And I can do this legally, having attained my CASA Controllers Certificate.

    I attended to Griffith Film School in Brisbane, L’École nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière in Paris and am an Award School Graduate. I play bass guitar, speak reasonable French and am a firm believer in keeping the tomato sauce bottle in the fridge, not the cupboard.